Bring Ballet based fitness into your dance studio!

Watch your business grow in popularity and attendance!

In-studio barre workout

Are you a Dance Instructor or Studio Owner?

Put Ballerobica on your schedule and compete with boutique studios. Your experienced dance instructors will be the most trusted voiced in Dance Based Fitness around!

  • Build community growth with dancers in the local area
  • Provide a chance for parents and children to enjoy the facility
  • A chance for parents and children to enjoy the facility
  • Utilize the expert instructors you already have on staff with a dance background
  • Offer new cross-training options for your serious or competition dance students”

We all know that health and fitness are important aspects of a community, and certainly in raising children. It takes a village after all! Children watch their parent’s involvement in their communities and mimic that. We want a future generation of people that exercise because they love to. As a studio owner, you have the ability to create opportunities for this to happen. If you have multiple studio rooms, and they are not always occupied, you are missing out on the chance to build a community and increase revenue.

Empty studios can be a money drain but they can also speak volumes for your business. Studios that offer multiple classes at the same time provide a sense of security and belonging for customers and students. When new customers come into a studio that looks like a ghost town, it can scare them away! The natural instinct is to wonder why there isn’t more happening. A great solution for this, especially when offering Creative Movement or Combination Ballet/Tap classes for little ones, is to offer adult fitness classes at the same time! Not only will this fill up unused studio space, but it drives traffic in that would not exist otherwise. This also encourages parents to get involved in the studio community without interfering with their child’s class.

Offering Ballerobica classes is a great way to not only grow your community of customers, but also to grow your potential staff. Ballerobica is an attractive workout to former dancers because it encourages safe stretches and isometric movement that they are familiar with. Ballerobica is meant to bring the strength training and conditioning dancers go through to the masses. As a dance studio, this is a great chance to meet former dancers in your neighborhood and include them in your growing network of dance instructors.

You may find it difficult to give your instructors enough work if they are only teaching in the after-school and evening time blocks. Remember that the rest of the day can be used for valuable revenue growth if used effectively. Offer Ballerobica classes to the early risers or lunch crowd. Get your studio open sign on for as much of the day as you can! We have all worked those late hours after the last class has ended…get some of the administrative work done while your new daytime classes are running.

There’s no doubt that ballet will tone muscles and increase flexibility – many of us know from experience! With Ballerobica, you can add major calorie-burning cardio to that list of benefits. It sounds a bit odd but the combination (ballet influenced by kickboxing) really does fit together well. There is cardio (non-impact, low-impact, high impact), strength training/ conditioning, and stretching which is great for overall flexibility.