Streaming Ballet Videos

Ballerobica Ballet Based Workout – L1 (Online Video)

The Ballerobica® Level 1 video gives you a total body workout that is both effective and fun! The video is divided into four blocks:

  • The Tutorial (19 minutes): This segment will help you learn the basics about posture, body placement, and ballet terminology. Skip through this section after you have it down, or keep coming back to it to refine your form!
  • Cardio (22 minutes): This segment gives you high, low, and no-impact options to get your heart rate up to maximize calorie and fat burning while utilizing all your major muscles groups!
  • Toning (23 minutes): This segment helps you sculpt, firm, and lift all those problem areas: booty, inner thighs, hips, abs, AND arms!
  • Stretching (8 minutes): This segment wraps up your workout while helping you increase your flexibility and range of motion!

When you finish this ballet workout, you will feel taller and more graceful because of Ballerobica®’s commitment to using true ballet technique to give you long, lean, and toned muscles, a strong core, along with elegant posture!

Beginning Ballet Barre Workout – L1 (Online Streaming)

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If trying the Ballerobica® ballet based workout has inspired you to give classical ballet a try, whether you’ve been dancing your whole life or never set foot in a ballet slipper, this is the video for you. Start streaming ballet videos on your device.

The new Beginning Ballet Barre Workout is a complete ballet workout specifically choreographed with the beginner in mind. The video is divided into four blocks:

  • Tutorials (14 minutes): Each exercise has a tutorial segment that explains the movement in detail along with an optional step-by-step description of the combination. Skip through these sections after you have it down, or keep coming back to refine your form!
  • Barre Workout (36 minutes): This Barre Workout will take you through the basic positions of the feet and arms as well as introduce you to common exercises done in a typical beginning ballet class. This is a non-impact workout that will target your core, upper body, posture, and legs helping you to develop strength, stamina and flexibility!
  • Stretching (5 minutes): This segment wraps up your workout while helping you increase your flexibility and range of motion!

This enjoyable Ballet Workout will allow you to learn the fundamentals of ballet while getting a great total body workout, streaming ballet videos can be done from the comfort of your own home!

Beginning Ballet Barre Workout – L2 (Online Streaming)

Level 2 Ballet Barre Workout expands on Level1. If you liked the first one, you will love this one!

Introduction To Ballet Class (Online Video)

If you have never danced before, you will learn the skills you need to succeed in more advanced classes. If you have danced for years but have been off for a while, this class will help wake up those ballet muscles! If you have ever wanted to try a ballet class and have been too intimidated, then this video is for you. You can learn at your own pace, get familiar with ballet basics, and enjoy ballet class from the comfort of your own home by streaming ballet videos on any device you might have!

Whether you’ve never taken a ballet class before or you’ve spent years in ballet training, this video has something for you. This 45 minute video teaches the following ballet basics:

  • Proper Posture
  • Positions of the Feet and Arms
  • Pliés
  • Tendus
  • Jetés/Degagés
  • Rond de Jambes