Ballerobica Frequently Asked Questions

Teaching Ballerobica:

Is Ballerobica good for different age groups?
Absolutely. Throughout all Ballerobica training you will learn to help cater to your client’s needs. We offer various cardio options, teach modifications and advancements as well as offer several combinations for each Ballerobica class in our training Manual. We have Ballerobica students ranging from 18-85

Can I use Ballerobica as an addition to the programs I already use with my clients?
Yes, we highly encourage cross-training!

Once certified, where can I teach Ballerobica? Would Ballerobica certification be accepted in all gyms?

Anywhere! There are no licensing fees required. As long as you have your certification, you can teach. We have never had an issue with Ballerobica being excepted in all gyms. We suggest speaking with the owner about the program and determine if it is a good fit for both you and the studio.

Do I need to use ballet barres to teach Ballerobica or are chairs ok to use?

Either will work. The video demonstrates with a chair and a barre. The barre is the easiest, but it is not a limiting factor. We concentrate on proper alignment and core strength. All the moves on the barre do not require you to push or pull, they are made so that your body is what is holding you up, not the barre. We use ballet fundamentals and “rules”, one of which is never hang or pull on the barres.

Certification Program:

How is the online certification program structured?

The program is completely online and available to anyone around the world. All you have to do is enroll and activate your account via email, and you’re ready to begin. Unlike other online programs, you will have access to the instructional materials immediately. As you complete each module, the next module’s materials will become available to you. The course work review at the end of each module are not graded—they are a way to review the material you just learned to make sure you understand the concepts covered, and help you prepare for the final exam.

The Final Written Exam is in the last module. Once you have received a passing grade of 80% or better on the Final Written Exam, you are free to work on the Practical Exam. For the Practical Exam, you will submit a video showcasing the skills you have learned throughout your training for evaluation by our Master Instructors.

Once you have successfully completed the Practical Exam and received a passing evaluation, you will receive your certification, and are now able to teach Ballerobica to your community.

What are all the costs associated with online certification program? Does that price include all the materials needed.
The material and certification cost $199 US dollars. This is an all-inclusive price, but, if needed, additional certification exams may be purchased for $10.

How long does it take to get certified online?
It is a self-study self-paced course and was created to fit the instructor’s needs. Most dance instructors can complete the entire program within 2 weeks from start to finish. 

I have a very basic dance background but I have another fitness certification. Can I become Ballerobica certified and start offering the class to my clients?
Absolutely! Ballerobica certifications can be obtained with a background in Pilates, group fitness, personal training, yoga and/or dance.

How quickly can I teach Ballerobica after completing the online program?
Once the online certification is complete, you will receive an expedited email letting you know if you have passed. If a passing grade is received, you can start teaching immediately. You will receive a physical copy of the certificate in the mail within 1-2 weeks of completion.

Can I take this class and teach it at a gym and/or private studio?
Yes, you would be working as an independent contractor. If you end up signing on as an employee, just make sure the verbiage in the contract is worded that you are a certified Ballerobica instructor and that you are the only one that has been licensed to teach those classes. This usually is not a problem with people that are employees. However, if that the gym or the studio pays for the certification, you would only be allowed to teach those classes at that specific location. As an independent contractor, you can teach anywhere you want.

Do I need to be employed at a gym, fitness or dance studio to get certified?
No. One of the great advantages of the Ballerobica certification is you can teach anywhere, even privately with clients.

Do I need any special equipment to complete the certification?
No. We will use a barre, but you can always use the back of a chair or the wall if one is not available to you.

Can I get ACE credit for completing Ballerobica Online Training?
Ballerobica is an ACE CEC approved course. The Online Ballerobica Course is worth .8 credits. For more information click here.

Can my studio host Ballerobica certification?
Yes. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting in-studio certification courses.

Once certified: Can I teach other instructors Ballerobica so they can offer it to their clients?
No. Only a Master Level Ballerobica certified instructor is permitted to teach Ballerobica. Only Ballerobica certified instructors through our program may teach this unique class. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Master Level Ballerobica certified instructor.

What is the difference between Zumba and Ballerobica?

Ballerobica is based on ballet, which is very much a precision-based dance form where Zumba uses different Latin-based moves to target specific muscle groups. The nature of Ballerobica is such that we isolate specific muscle groups with slow and very deliberate movement which allows clients to engage muscles in a different way than general dance. Zumba is stronger as a general cardio based workout. Ballerobica focuses on specific muscle groups that are not actively engaged in everyday activity (which explains why people feel continuously sore as they master the moves).