Barre Teacher Training

Any barre teacher training program must be demanding and of high quality in order for a ballet fitness program to benefit students.  It is essential that any person interested in becoming a certified ballet barre instructor have a ballet or pilates background.  A barre teacher training program will enhance knowledge and keep teachers on the right track but in all honesty there is a lot to completely understand about the nature of the movements, understanding of anatomy and the physiological effects of certain exercises.  This understanding grows through years of practice of ballet or pilates and is enhanced by a high quality barre teacher training program.

For instance Ballerobica’s barre teacher training program is meticulously thought out and tested.  Its curriculum goes beyond any other barre teacher training program.  The Ballerobica Instructor Training Manual guides the potential barre teacher through a plethora of important information from actual anatomy to delving into the core physiology of muscle movement.  This particular instruction manual is so informative that a seasoned ballet teacher will learn something he or she did not know.  It is also imperative that any barre teacher training program offer online video class instruction as well.  Visualizing the barre class is imperative and the more videos a barre teacher training program offers the better.  This also gives the potential ballet barre teacher a reference anytime they want to revisit a certain exercise or choreography.  In studio barre teacher training is also very effective and highly recommended if offered nearby.  However a good set of instructional videos can surely suffice for completing any barre teacher training and certification.

A good barre teacher training program will also make sure that the instructors are cognizant of injury prevention.  The barre class is very safe when taught properly.  It is imperative that barre teacher training programs teach potential instructors how to be totally aware and watchful of students, especially students who are complete novices to ballet in general.  The goal of the ballet barre class is to get students fit through providing a workout that creates elongated muscles while infusing the grace of ballet.   For example, it is important that over turning out is corrected and that students are given good warm-ups.   Barre teacher training programs such as Ballerobica, insure that instructors are well versed in recognizing the signs of students needing guidance to avoid injury.

Another aspect of a barre teacher training program is music choice.  Good music is imperative so that students have something to connect their movements with.  Music also provides an element of fun, levity and through the harder moves it offers a source of relief.  An instructor has the freedom of music choice and must make sure that their music choice is complimentary to their choreography.  Often times music is the actual inspiration for certain exercises.

Barre teacher training programs are meant for people dedicated and serious about teaching any ballet barre fitness program.  It is so important that future instructors always bring their happiest and best selves to each every class no matter what.  Teaching ballet barre is fun for instructors with passion and love for what they do.  Barre teacher training programs, such as Ballerobica encourage upbeat energy and constant education so that the instructors stay fresh and highly successful.  Simply put, a good attitude means everything to a good ballet barre class.