Ballerobica Ballet Barre Workout and Ballet Exercise Fitness

Ballerobica® Ballet Barre Workout

Haven’t you always wanted a ballet body? Then you have got to try Ballerobica, the premier ballet fitness program featuring an incredible barre workout and easy to follow ballet workout.  Ballerobica’s barre workout is true to the fundamentals of ballet exercises performed at the barre of any ballet class yet designed as an everyday fitness regimen.  The ballet workout is dedicated to giving the adult beginner ballet student the opportunity to learn ballet and get truly fit through the graceful , low impact cardio movements of ballet.  Anyone can learn ballet through Ballerobica’s ballet workout or barre workout there is no experience necessary.  Ballerobica will educate and guide you through basic ballet skills. Ballerobica provides great workouts that bring forth incredible results.

Long and lean muscles are the signature result of the Ballerobica program.  Utilizing stretching, toning and cardio to create a beautiful sculpted body, the ballet barre workout and the ballet workout will give you results you will be thrilled to receive.  Plus these workouts are fun and give you a great feeling of accomplishment.  With Ballerobica you will feel younger and look younger too!  Who could ask for anything more?

Lisa Juliet the founder of Ballerobica invites you to get fit and happy through her ballet workout and barre workout programs.  Lisa is passionate about fitness and helping people understand that ballet does not have to be intimidating in fact it is just the opposite, it is fun!  Lisa brings over 30 years of classical ballet training, as well as 15 years of teaching fitness and ballet.  After teaching kickboxing for five years Lisa realized that the muscles she was developing were bulky and less feminine.  She realized that women needed a different type of fitness training that encouraged long and lean muscle development.  This inspired Lisa to use her vast experience in ballet and fitness to create a ballet barre workout that would help woman get that feminine sculpted dream body.  Lisa worked extensively through testing her barre workout on groups of non-dancers to insure that Ballerobica was a fitness program designed for everyone especially people with no dance experience.   Through Lisa’s extensive research and thoughtful ballet barre and ballet workout program development, Ballerobica was born!