Host Certification Course

Ballerobica Barre Host Certification Course

Hosting is a great opportunity to bring Ballerobica to your studio and receive one free certification spot.

How much does it cost to host Ballerobica Certification Course?
Hosting is free,  we also offer one free spot to certify your instructor of choice.

How will people register for the course?
All participants will register for the course through

Can I use Ballerobica materials?
Upon Certifying, you will be able to use the trademarked Ballerobica name, logo, and photos. Only certified Ballerobica instructors with current certificates are allowed to teach Ballerobica classes.

How soon can we schedule the certification course?
All instructor trainings are scheduled a minimum of 5 weeks in advance to have enough time to promote the course.

What’s the minimum participation required to host a course?
A minimum of 8 registered people are required for the certification course to proceed. With 8 registered students the host receives a free spot in the course. If the host and Ballerobica decides to proceed with a course that has less than 8 people registered, no free spot will be provided. (As the Host facility, we ask that you help with marketing the course to local and regional contacts. We will provide you with all needed marketing materials.)

Is there any space requirements for hosting Ballerobica?
Host studio must be equipped with ballet barres (floor or wall mounted) and mirrors.
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