Welcome To Balleroica Online Certification!

Thank you for joining our Instructor Online Certification Program and the Ballerobica team! We are very excited to work with you and have you become a part in our online community. With your purchase of the online certification you now have access to our the following:

  • Downloadable Ballerobica® Instructor Training Manual
  • ​3 – Basic Ballerobica® class layouts
  • ​Introduction to Basic Ballet and Ballet Terminology
  • ​Exam Outline
  • ​Access to On-Line Exam
  • ​Streaming Access to:
  • ​Ballerobica® Introduction to Ballet Video
  • Beginning Ballet Barre Workout L1
  • Beginning Ballet Barre Workout L2
  • ​Ballerobica® Main Workout
  • ​3 Instructional Training Videos

Once you have accessed and feel comfortable with the online material, we suggest breaking down the class into 3 segments and begin teaching each segment to a friend or relative to get an idea of how the class is going and where you may be having difficulty.

When you are ready to take your written test, Click Here. The written test will have questions that come straight from the 3 Training videos, the Instructor Manual and the Intro to Ballet video. In order to continue with the video evaluation and final test-out, you must maintain an 80% on the written exam.

Upon completing the written part of the certification with a passing grade of 80% or higher, you will need to teach a small class of people (approximately 5) and film it. You may either submit a DVD, upload a copy of the video to our servers, or in some cases we can proctor the test-out live via Skype. Once your final test-out video has been submitted, a Master Level Certified Ballerobica Instructor will review and evaluate it. Here is an example of the review form:Practical Exam Review (PDF). This Document was created to ensure that you have incorporated everything you need to successfully complete the video portion of your test.

You must receive a score of at least 80% to pass the video portion of the certification. Once you have completed the Ballerobica certification process and obtained passing scores in the written exam and video evaluation, you will be provided with a Ballerobica Level 1 Training Certificate of Completion along with Ballerobica marketing materials.

Please, at any point in your Ballerobica certification process if you would like any feedback or guidance contact us at any time. We look forward to working with you and answering any questions you may have.


-Lisa Juliet
Founder of Ballerobica

Certification Material

  • Documents
  • Training Videos
  • Take The Test
  • Submit Video

Ballerobica Workout Videos

  • Ballet Level 1
  • Ballet Level 2
  • Ballet Introduction
  • Ballerobica Workout
  • Express Workout

Express Ballerobica Workout


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