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Do you have any modifications to the exercises on this DVD’s?
The new, Lake Tahoe version of Ballerobica was created with beginner in mind, we have included a choice to have a short Tutorial section play before each part of the workout to go over proper form and several modifications for you to utilize if you have difficulties with any aspect of the workout.
The Beginning Ballet Barre Workout also has the option to have a short Tutorial section play before each part of the workout to go over proper form and technique.

What kind of results can I expect when exercising with Ballerobica DVD’s
Not only will you burn calories but you will also strengthen your body and develop lean, elongated muscles. With a regular workout schedule you will see impressive results in a relatively short time. If you would like help designing a workout plan using the Ballerobica DVD’s please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you in achieving your fitness goals.

Do you ship orders outside of the US?
Absolutely, the DVD plays in all regions and we are happy to ship it all over the world.

How much is it to ship the DVD outside of the continental US?
For now, the price to ship it outside of the US is the same as inside.

Will your DVD play in my DVD player?
Ballerobica DVD is professionally produced as a DVD-R disc and Plays on 97% of DVD players, if for some reason it does not work for you, send it back and we will issue you a 100% refund.

I am a beginner Adult Ballet Student, do you have anything specifically for me?
YES! All though Ballerobica is a great conditioning workout that would get you in shape by developing muscles you will utilize in ballet we realize that some of you might want to have a pure ballet version of the DVD. We understand this need and have therefore created a strictly beginner ballet, barre workout. The Ballerobica Beginning Barre Workout is NOW available. Please contact us with any suggestions that you would like to see realized in our upcoming Ballerobica DVD’s.

Do I need special equipment to workout with the Ballerobica DVD’s?
For the Ballerobica Main DVD and the Express Workout, a mat would be useful but is not required. All aspects of the two fusion DVD’s are meant to be done with no additional equipment. If you would like to add small hand/wrist weights for additional resistance, you can, but please contact us for suggestions to ensure your safety.
The Ballerobica Beginning Barre Workout will require a chair (as demonstrated in the DVD), the use of a counter top, or even a wall for added support. If you are performing the exercises on a carpeted floor, socks or ballet slippers are recommended to ensure the foot is working properly. If you are performing the exercises on a solid surface (linoleum, hardwood flooring) socks, ballet slippers, or bare feet are recommended.
Tip: If you are barefoot and your foot is sticking too much, a little baby powder is helpful.

I’m an intermediate/advance dancer, will I benefit from the Ballerobica Beginning Barre Workout?
Ballerobica Beginning Barre Workout is for beginners, but if you are looking to increase your classes, get back into dance, or work on your technique and balance any additional class work can be beneficial. I would suggest that if you are an experienced dancer and are considering this DVD that you can increase the difficulty of the combinations by doing all of the exercises without the barre. Use this DVD to help you improve your center work, balance, and strength. I frequently workout to the DVD without the barre and find it to be challenging. By the end of the workout I am very centered, which is perfect for turns and extended balances on one leg. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact us.

I have a question and I did not find the answer to it here, what should I do?
Please use the “Contact Us” option that you can find on the bottom of the page, or on the top menu Bar under “More” section. We will be happy to reply to you with any questions that you might have for us!

[/tab] [tab title=”Certification FAQ”] [tab title=”Streaming Video F.A.Q.”]Streaming FAQ[/tab] [toggle_framed title=”Once Certified, where can I teach Ballerobica?”] Anywhere, there are no licensing fee required from the place you want to teach at, as long as you have your certification you can teach.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”Do I need to be employed at a gym, fitenss or dance-studio to get certified?”]One of the great advantages with this certification is that no matter where you work even privately with clients, you can teach this class.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”How long does it take to get certified online or in-studio?”]Most dancers can complete the entire program within 2 weeks from start to finish. For non-dancers I usually suggest the in-studio certification since it goes for an entire weekend (approximately 20 hours of instruction). That way we can correct technique and terminology if need be. Dancers love this certification since it reinforces techniques they have already learned and are a quick to adapt it for their specific clients. Depending on your clients, we can help you tailor the Ballerobica program for dancers, non-dancers, teens, adults and or seniors.[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”Can I use Ballerobica as an addition to the programs I alread use with my clients?”]Yes, we highly encourage cross-training!
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”My question is would this program be a good fit for different age groups?”]The workout is “no” to “low-impact”, and is easily adjusted for students and their capabilities. The average age in my studio is 30-55 yrs. We have even had ladies in their 70’s enjoying the class! I have also taught Ballerobica to seniors (men and women) and the age range was from 60 to 85 yrs old[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”Do I need to use Ballet Barres only to teach ballerobica or use of chairs ok too?”]As for the use of Barres or chairs, either will work. I demo with a chair and a barre, and I also have used a wall when nothing was provided for me. The Barre is the easiest but it is not a limiting factor. We really concentrate on proper alignment and core strength. All the moves on the barre do not require you to push or pull, they are made so that your body is what is holding you up, not the barre. We use ballet fundamentals and “rules”, one of which is never hang or pull on the barres 🙂
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”Can i take this class and teach it at a gym and/or private studio, and as a private contractor?”]Yes, you would be working as a Independent Contractor if you worked for a private studio or gym. That is usually how these facilities are set up. If you end up signing on as an employee, just make sure the verbiage in the contract is worded that you are Certified as a Ballerobica instructor and that you are the only one that has been licensed to teach those classes. This usually is not a problem with people that are employees. The only thing that is different, is that the gym or the studio is the one that pays for the certification, and if that happens, you would only be allowed to teach those classes at that specific location. As an independent contractor you can teach anywhere you want.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”How long does it take to complete the program?”]The online certification program can be completed within two weeks or could take months. It is a self study course and was created to fit the instructors needs.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”What are all the costs associated with online certification?”]The material and certification costs $199 US dollars, additional written exams can be purchased for $10(US) and a $99(US) yearly fee will be charged at the anniversary of your purchase of Ballerobica Level 1 Certification. This will keep you an active member of the Ballerobica community.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”Would Ballerobica certification be accepted in all gyms?”]From past experience, we have never had an issue with Ballerobica being excepted in all gyms. However, owning studios and working with other gyms and studios in the US, I would say that each program offered is always subject to the review of the gym or studio offering the program and it is ultimately at their discretion. If this is a concern for you I would suggest that you speak with the owner about the program and determine if it is a good fit for both you and the studio. Most Studio and Gym owners approach me because they want to include our program in their facility, or they think that our type of program fits best with their clientele.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”Can I integrate components of Ballerobica into my private training?”]Yes, you can incorporate components of the Ballerobica program into your personal training! I currently do this with my private clients based on their needs and goals. I think you would find a lot of the exercises used in Ballerobica very useful, specifically if you have clients with injuries.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”Do I need any special equipment to complete the certification?”]In the Online Level 1 Certification, you do not need any additional equipment. We will use a barre, but you can always use the back of a chair or the wall if one is not available to you. We have a separate in-studio certification where we introduce you to equipment and how to use each effectively. For that certification we use, balls, weights, tubing, bands, and straps.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”How quickly can I teach Ballerobica?”]Once the online certification is complete, you will receive an expedited email from me letting you know if you have passed. If a passing grade is received, you can start teaching immediately. You will receive your Certificate in the mail within 1-2 weeks of completion along with the original evaluation. The evaluation packet is approximately 7 pages and takes you through each section step-by-step, showing the points you received for each section. [/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”Can I get ACE credit for completing Ballerobica Online Training?”]Ballerobica is an ACE CEC approved course. The Online Level 1 Ballerobica Course is worth .8 credits. http://www.acefitness.org/continuingeducation/fitness-ceu-online-advanced-search-results.aspx?searchtype=name&pars=ballerobica
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”Are the levels of certification contingent upon completion of prior levels?”]The Level 1 Certification will guide you through how to teach, introduce you to a lot of terminology and anatomy, correct placement, and how to effectively correct clients. We will also give you the basic components on how to put together a quality class. After you are comfortable with the Level 1 material, then we get much more in-depth in the Level 2 Certification. Yes, the levels of certification are contingent upon completion of prior levels. Level 1 is the base and all the other levels build from that base.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”I am currently teaching Pilates and have a very basic dance background. Can I become Ballerobica certified and start offering the class to my clients.”]Absolutely! With a background in Pilates, Group Fitness, Personal Training Yoga and/or Dance all level of Ballerobica certifications can be obtained. For future Ballerobica instructors who may not have past teaching experience or any of the above background, in-studio certification is recommended.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”Can my studio host Ballerobica certification?”]Yes. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting in-studio certification courses.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”Do you give ACE continuing education credits for online certification?”]Absolutely. The online Level 1 Ballerobica course is ACE approved. Please sign up through ACE to obtain your continuing education credits. The course is worth .8 credits.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”If I’m not currently working at a gym or studio may I still teach Ballerobica to clients?”]Yes. Once certified you may teach anywhere you choose. Studio, Gym, Clients homes, etc.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”Once certified: Can I teach other instructors Ballerobica so they can offer it to their clients? “]No. Only a Master Level Ballerobica certified instructor is permitted to teach Ballerobica. Only Ballerobica certified instructors through our program may teach this unique class. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Master Level Ballerobica certified instructor.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”Is Ballerobica suitable for all ages?”]Absolutely. Throughout all Ballerobica training you will learn to help cater to your clients needs. We offer various cardio options, teach modifications and advancements as well as offer a number of combinations for each Ballerobica class in our training Manual. We have Ballerobica students ranging from 18-85.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”How much is the barre used in a Ballerobica class?”]Ballerobica uses the barre as a support between 20% and 60% of the class. This is up to the instructor and your clients needs. Ballerobica uses the barre plus the focus on correct form and core work to help strengthen and stabilize.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”Do I need to obtain my Ballerobica Level 1 certification before I enroll in an in-studio Ballerobica Level 1 & Level 2 session?”]No. If there is an in-studio session you are interested in taking, and have previous instructing background, please enroll. Online Level 1 certification is not necessary, however, preferred.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”What is the difference between online Ballerobica Level 1 Certification and Ballerobica Level 1 & Level 2 in-studio certification?”]The online Ballerobica Level 1 Certification includes basic barre work, terminology and corrections. The manual provided for certification includes step-by-step pictures, terminology, how to set up exercises at the barre, muscles used, and common mistakes. The in-studio Ballerobica Certification course the manual is also provided to students however, an entire day is spent on barre work and there is a strong emphasis on structuring your individual Ballerobica class.
[/toggle_framed] [toggle_framed title=”What is the difference between Zumba and Ballerobica?”]Ballerobica is based on ballet, which is very much a precision-based dance form where Zumba uses different latin-based moves to target specific muscle groups. The nature of Ballerobica is such that we isolate specific muscle groups with slow and very deliberate movement that allows clients to engage muscles in a different way than general dance. Zumba is stronger as a general cardio based workout. Ballerobica focuses on specific muscle groups that are not actively engaged in everyday activity (which explains why people feel continuously sore as they master the moves). Again due to the challenge of execution the focus is on precision and it often takes months for people to achieve proper form.
[/toggle_framed] [/tab] [tab title=”Hosting Certification FAQ”] How much does it cost to host Ballerobica Certification Course?
Hosting is free, we also offer one free spot to certify your instructor of choice.

How will people register for the course?
All participants will register for the course through ballerobica.com

Can I use Ballerobica materials?
Upon Certifying, you will be able to use the trademarked Ballerobica name, logo, and photos. Only certified Ballerobica instructors with current certificates are allowed to teach Ballerobica classes.

How soon can we schedule the certification course?
All instructor trainings are scheduled a minimum of 5 weeks in advance to have enough time to promote the course.

What’s the minimum participation required to host a course?
A minimum of 8 registered people are required for the certification course to proceed. With 8 registered students the host receives a free spot in the course. If the host and Ballerobica decides to proceed with a course that has less than 8 people registered, no free spot will be provided. (As the Host facility, we ask that you help with marketing the course to local and regional contacts. We will provide you with all needed marketing materials.)

Is there any space requirements for hosting Ballerobica?
Host studio must be equipped with ballet barres (floor or wall mounted) and mirrors.

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