Ballet Exercise

To properly carry out any ballet exercise it is important to always be aware of your core.  Keeping your center pulled in and engaged at all times is of utmost importance.  Ballet exercise centers around isolating different parts of the body and having them move without losing control of the rest of your body.  Not only does this type of exercise build muscle strength but it helps develop coordination, it benefits one’s ability to focus and concentrate.  Ballet exercise increases agility.  Many ballet exercises demand that you move one way and then another quickly.  Sometimes you are asked to transfer weight from one leg to another. Flexibility is another aspect of ballet exercise that increases with every passing class.  It is so important to always work on flexibility.  Regaining flexibility actually can protect one’s body from muscle strain and injury if built up on a gradual basis. Ballet exercise also improves posture.  You naturally become more aware of how you carry yourself once you have participated in a few ballet exercise or ballet barre classes.  All these elements of ballet exercise lead the student on a path to pure fitness.

The first thing to do before any ballet exercise inspired class is to stretch and warm up.  Simply sitting on the ground, holding in your core and stretching your body over your legs gently, slowly, not forcing any extreme movement with help you adjust to the class in general.  Rotating your feet and ankles, arms, wrists, head and hands invigorate the body and give the body a warning that the workout is going to begin.  Warming up the body from head to toe is vital so to avoid any unexpected pulls or strains.  Any adult who is just beginning in the world of ballet exercise should become forever disciplined in warming up before class.  The ballet exercise class is generally gentle on the body but we all tend to overdo or push ourselves beyond what our body is ready to do every once in awhile. Thus the benefits of stretching are tremendous and plus it feels great.

Ballet exercise is very fun and demanding.  It requires the student to pay total attention to the instructor.  This is not only out of courtesy, but necessity since you will need to learn the exercise.  Ballet exercise classes do have an etiquette which the novice student will pick up on in the first few classes.  Adhering to etiquette actually makes the ballet class more enjoyable because it keeps an even and light temperament and tone to the class.  Ballet exercise is multifaceted but all the elements lead to pretty quick results.  Literally you can begin to feel a difference in your body after about the second class. Ballet exercise provides discipline for your mind and body.  It connects the student with music and lets you focus on each part of your body.  Ballet exercise is something the student can do anywhere.  For instance you can be simply taking a walk, remember to pull in and engage your core and you are performing an element of ballet exercise.  So enjoy ballet exercise, take it with you everywhere and become happy in your quest for pure fitness.