Ballet Fitness

Getting fit through ballet fitness is a fun and life transforming experience.  Fitness by definition is the condition of being physically fit and healthy.  Let’s face it there are many fitness regimens that are challenging and command endurance while building muscle strength.  As people who desire to be fit, there is a constant need to add workouts that give us the body we desire without adding too much bulk. Ballet fitness is so unique in that at its core is grace and femininity. Ballet fitness is a very effective way to tone the body while enjoying a low impact cardio workout all at the same time.  This is why so many women over the last seven years or so have absolutely flocked toward ballet fitness classes.

There are many popular ballet fitness programs to choose from these days.  It is so important to find the ballet fitness program that is authentic and true to the fundamentals of ballet.  Ballet fitness can also be a part of a varied exercise regimen.  For instance if you are a runner, swimmer or a general athlete, adding a ballet fitness class to your regimen will only enhance your overall performance.  It is well known that professional athletes have utilized ballet fitness to help prevent injury, gain flexibility, muscle agility and more since the 1970’s (some of you may remember Lynn Swann of the Pittsburgh Steelers).  Many football programs, within colleges and in the NFL have athletes that take some form of ballet fitness.

To sustain and accomplish ballet fitness goals, attention to the quality of exercise is essential but outside of the barre studio all of us as ballet fitness fanatics should pay close attention to our diets as well.  Simple things such as staying hydrated and eating basic healthy foods go hand in hand with any ballet fitness regimen. A good healthy diet enhances one’s physical abilities and that is a fact.  Eating healthy helps everyone feel energized, less sluggish and ready to take on a demanding workout.  The ballet fitness world also offers a fun way for the ballet fitness students to dress in class.  Students can develop their style or look through adding their favorite leotards, stylish tops, bottoms, leg warmers and gripping socks to their attire.  It is so fun and the choices are endless when it comes to ballet fitness apparel.

Ballet fitness has been on an upward trend since 2009.  The ballet fitness world is taking over and boutique studios that offer ballet fitness in their schedule are popping up all over the country.  This is wonderful for people who have never taken a ballet class in their lives and it is great for the person that took ballet years ago.  Gone are the days that ballet was an intimidating dance form, art form (also sport) intended for a select group of people. .  The beauty of ballet fitness is that anyone can give it a try, all are welcome.  Ballet fitness is now evolving into a workout culture from coast to coast