Barre Culture

Ballet Barre Culture

The ballet barre culture of fitness classes has been steadily trending since 2009.  Although the ballet barre method of fitness was initially developed back in the 70’s within the last 5 years, it has really taken off in a global fashion.  Now barre studios are showing up in towns across America.  The best part about the barre culture and all the various barre workouts is that they provide the pathway to obtaining lean lengthy muscles, they offer low impact cardio workouts and they bring femininity back into the workout for women.  Not to say men don’t enjoy the workout as well, of course they do.  However the development of bulky muscles is not what people find when they become part of the barre culture.  The ballet body look is the ultimate goal of the barre culture and it works.

The barre culture is here to stay.  The barre fitness trend is based on the ballet class but it is very different in many ways. The ballet barre culture is more fitness based as opposed to dance and art based.  It infuses the use of equipment such as straps, weights and balls.  One common thread the barre culture does share with the typical ballet class is the etiquette.  Ballet classes have certain etiquette when taking class at the bar.  Some simple rules to note are always begin the ballet barre class with your left hand at the barre.  When you turn to work the left side of your body, make sure you turn into the barre always. Other rules of etiquette are please no leaning on the bar while the instructor is showing you the routine and never talk in class. When at the barre one should always allow for enough space between you and the people in front and behind you.  With one hand on the bar turning slightly in and at an angle allows for ease of movement so that you don’t bump into each other. Etiquette in the barre culture is important in that it shows a common respect for the class members in general, it allows for easy flow of the class and it makes it easier for the instructor to teach the class in an organized and efficient manner.

When entering this trending barre culture of fitness classes you are sure to get results.  Immediately within days following your initial class, you will feel soreness in places you never have worked before. The wonderful aspect is that this means you will get results quicker than you realize. With each ballet barre class you will break new ground in your abilities and you will constantly challenge your body to go beyond your comfort zone. The barre culture is also very upbeat and encouraging. You will find you will not be intimidated but more validated in your quest to have that rockin’ body you want.  The barre culture is made up of top models and actresses/actors like Miranda Kerr, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Madonna, but today typical moms who want to get fit are joining in the barre culture as well.  Another great aspect of the barre culture is that it provides a workout structure that you can implement anywhere you are.  You could be doing dishes and decide to do a few releves while you’re at it or maybe you are on the subway and want to do a small leg lift with you glutes tight and abs pulled in.  It’s that simple, fun and effective.