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Ballerobica’s Online Barre Workout

Are you looking for a great online workout?  Why not try an online barre workout from Ballerobica?  All you have to do is grab a chair, hold on to a table or if you happen to have a barre set up in your house you can use that too!  How do you know which is the best online barre workout?  There seem to be so many these days to choose from.  Most great online barre workouts cover all the areas of your body from head to toe.  They will also instruct you on proper posture and bring you back to the awareness of your core.  If you run into an online barre workout that seems too difficult, you may want to seek one that offers alternative positions that are not as harsh.

You do not have to be a dancer to achieve your goals through an online barre workout.  It is important however to find an online barre workout that explains to you what you are doing and why.  It really helps to observe a few different online barre workouts so that you can make an educated choice as to the online barre workout that is best for you.

Here are a few tips on how to tell if you have a good online barre workout. Just like with any other workout, your online barre workout should give you a warm-up.  Make sure this is offered in your online barre workout, especially if you are an older person.  Next make sure that the online barre workout is balanced.  You should be doing equal exercises on both sides so that you can develop your new lengthy muscles properly.  Since you will not have an instructor there to correct and cue you, be sure to watch your online barre workout first all the way through so that you can become familiar with what you will be doing.  The great thing about on online barre workout is that you can always go back and watch again if you run across a move you don’t quite understand.  Remember to listen to the music during your online barre workout, this will keep your body in a nice flow of movement and it makes your barre workout really enjoyable.

Your online barre workout is going to have lots of repetition so that you can develop muscle memory.  Repetition in your barre workout is important, so make sure you follow and do everything that is asked of you.  If you do the repetitions correctly in your online barre workout you will feel results almost immediately.  Just as when you are in a barre studio, make sure that during your online barre workout that you stay hydrated.  The barre workout is very demanding even though it appears simple.  Hydration is important even when you are working out at home.  Make sure that you give yourself ample room to move during your online barre workout.  You will be stretching your legs and arms out a lot so make sure you clear a space in your home so that you won’t be kicking any furniture!

Ballerobica’s Online Barre Routine

Looking for a great online bar routine?  Ballerobica offers an extensive variety of online bar routines.  You may choose to learn an online bar routine and wish to mix and match barre routines to fit your specific needs, if so Ballerobica is your one stop shop.  When choosing an online barre routine you must make sure you educate yourself on the fundamental of the barre workout.  You don’t need to know a lot but it helps to read up on barre workouts and watch a few so you know what to expect from a good online barre routine.  Just keep in mind that any high quality online bar routine should be balanced, repetitious and always focused on proper posture and your core.  It should also warm you up, encourage hydration and bring an element of fun into your life.

Your online bar routine should always reinforce the core.  What is the core?  You might find yourself asking if you are new to the ballet barre workout.  Any every online bar routine you will hear the instructor speak about the core.  The core is your center.  Your center is your stomach or your abdomen.  You must always keep the abdomen pulled in at all times.  So instead of saying “pull in your abdomen” you will hear during your online barre routine, “pull in your core” or “check your core”.  You hear this lot in pilates as well.  The core is so important to keep pulled in during your online barre routine.  A strong core will protect your back from injury.  Keeping a nice strong core during your barre workout will also create a good resistance which is a basic element in the barre workout.  Resistance builds muscle strength and endurance.

Another important element of a great online barre routine is muscle memory and isolated movements.  What are isolated movements?  You may ask.  Well isolated movements in your online barre routine focus on one area of your body.  For instance you will have your weight supported on one leg while you hold onto the bar.  The other leg will be performing a specific set of small movements.  Your body has to remain a still as possible, nothing else can move but that one leg.  This is the isolation you want.  Isolated movements actually take lots of concentration and coordination.  Your online barre routine will ask you to perform many different isolated movements.  This is a great thing and it is a sign of a great online barre routine as well.  Once again resistance is also a component of the isolated movements.  Your body creates its own resistance, thus you are developing great lengthy muscles.

So you may recognize that a good online barre routine is based on “Resistance”.  In your barre routines you are constantly defying gravity to achieve your ultimate goal.  What exactly is your goal?  Well if you desire to partake in an online barre routine, your goal is to attain feminine, lengthy, non-bulky muscle.  All of this is gained through resistance training, maintaining your core and repeating isolated movements.  Enjoy your online barre routines and enjoy your knew found body!

Barre Culture

Ballet Barre Culture

The ballet barre culture of fitness classes has been steadily trending since 2009.  Although the ballet barre method of fitness was initially developed back in the 70’s within the last 5 years, it has really taken off in a global fashion.  Now barre studios are showing up in towns across America.  The best part about the barre culture and all the various barre workouts is that they provide the pathway to obtaining lean lengthy muscles, they offer low impact cardio workouts and they bring femininity back into the workout for women.  Not to say men don’t enjoy the workout as well, of course they do.  However the development of bulky muscles is not what people find when they become part of the barre culture.  The ballet body look is the ultimate goal of the barre culture and it works.

The barre culture is here to stay.  The barre fitness trend is based on the ballet class but it is very different in many ways. The ballet barre culture is more fitness based as opposed to dance and art based.  It infuses the use of equipment such as straps, weights and balls.  One common thread the barre culture does share with the typical ballet class is the etiquette.  Ballet classes have certain etiquette when taking class at the bar.  Some simple rules to note are always begin the ballet barre class with your left hand at the barre.  When you turn to work the left side of your body, make sure you turn into the barre always. Other rules of etiquette are please no leaning on the bar while the instructor is showing you the routine and never talk in class. When at the barre one should always allow for enough space between you and the people in front and behind you.  With one hand on the bar turning slightly in and at an angle allows for ease of movement so that you don’t bump into each other. Etiquette in the barre culture is important in that it shows a common respect for the class members in general, it allows for easy flow of the class and it makes it easier for the instructor to teach the class in an organized and efficient manner.

When entering this trending barre culture of fitness classes you are sure to get results.  Immediately within days following your initial class, you will feel soreness in places you never have worked before. The wonderful aspect is that this means you will get results quicker than you realize. With each ballet barre class you will break new ground in your abilities and you will constantly challenge your body to go beyond your comfort zone. The barre culture is also very upbeat and encouraging. You will find you will not be intimidated but more validated in your quest to have that rockin’ body you want.  The barre culture is made up of top models and actresses/actors like Miranda Kerr, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Madonna, but today typical moms who want to get fit are joining in the barre culture as well.  Another great aspect of the barre culture is that it provides a workout structure that you can implement anywhere you are.  You could be doing dishes and decide to do a few releves while you’re at it or maybe you are on the subway and want to do a small leg lift with you glutes tight and abs pulled in.  It’s that simple, fun and effective.

Ballet Barre Equipment

The most essential piece of barre equipment is the actual barre itself.  There are many manufacturers of portable barres, free standing barres and also wall mounted kits.  It is very important to make sure that your barre is easily stabilized and that it is adjusted to the correct height for your individual needs.  In the barre studio the ballet barres has two barres that are horizontal and about a foot apart from each other.  If you have your own portable/fold up barre just make sure you have it adjusted so your hand can rest on it and be slightly above your waist but not higher than the top of your rib cage.  The barre is necessary for stabilizing your balance so that you can focus on key areas of your body.  For instance you will work your right leg from glutes to inner and outer thigh and then you will switch to the other side.  The ability to hold onto the barre will increase the quality of the workout on each part of the body you are working on at any moment.

Barre equipment is not exclusive to just the ballet barre anymore.  The range of barre equipment now includes balls such as a typical playground ball or one manufactured specifically for workouts. The balls are used at the barre in order to increase the toning in the glute workout and thigh workout.  Rings that provide resistance similar to those used in some pilates workouts are also an important tool to put in your barre equipment toolbox.  In the barre workout the rings are utilized in the floor work to increase the inner and outer thigh toning.  The stretching strap style of barre equipment is usually found in barre studios and is attached to the wall next to the barre itself. Stretching strap exercises help build upper arm and back strength and elasticity.  Small weights are utilized to build upper body strength and are used in conjunction with free standing ballet inspired isolation movements.

An array of barre equipment is necessary for the barre workout student to attain the ballet body she or he desires.  Barre equipment is important for balance, building strength without adding bulk and for toning very specific areas of the body.  Make sure that you research the type of barre equipment before you make your purchase.  It is always good to keep yourself informed and understand why you use specific pieces of barre equipment and make sure the weight, elasticity and height of any equipment is suitable for you.