Ballet Barre Equipment

The most essential piece of barre equipment is the actual barre itself.  There are many manufacturers of portable barres, free standing barres and also wall mounted kits.  It is very important to make sure that your barre is easily stabilized and that it is adjusted to the correct height for your individual needs.  In the barre studio the ballet barres has two barres that are horizontal and about a foot apart from each other.  If you have your own portable/fold up barre just make sure you have it adjusted so your hand can rest on it and be slightly above your waist but not higher than the top of your rib cage.  The barre is necessary for stabilizing your balance so that you can focus on key areas of your body.  For instance you will work your right leg from glutes to inner and outer thigh and then you will switch to the other side.  The ability to hold onto the barre will increase the quality of the workout on each part of the body you are working on at any moment.

Barre equipment is not exclusive to just the ballet barre anymore.  The range of barre equipment now includes balls such as a typical playground ball or one manufactured specifically for workouts. The balls are used at the barre in order to increase the toning in the glute workout and thigh workout.  Rings that provide resistance similar to those used in some pilates workouts are also an important tool to put in your barre equipment toolbox.  In the barre workout the rings are utilized in the floor work to increase the inner and outer thigh toning.  The stretching strap style of barre equipment is usually found in barre studios and is attached to the wall next to the barre itself. Stretching strap exercises help build upper arm and back strength and elasticity.  Small weights are utilized to build upper body strength and are used in conjunction with free standing ballet inspired isolation movements.

An array of barre equipment is necessary for the barre workout student to attain the ballet body she or he desires.  Barre equipment is important for balance, building strength without adding bulk and for toning very specific areas of the body.  Make sure that you research the type of barre equipment before you make your purchase.  It is always good to keep yourself informed and understand why you use specific pieces of barre equipment and make sure the weight, elasticity and height of any equipment is suitable for you.